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A perfect Villa nested in all freshness of nature.

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A holiday Villa in Wayanad to experince the Nature and the Wild

Discover "the motville" – a tranquil holiday haven beckoning you. Leave behind the chaos of the bustling crowds and immerse yourself in quietude in this secluded retreat. Tucked away amidst the lush expanse of a coffee plantation in Wayanad, this private villa offers a haven of relaxation. Embrace the serenity as you unwind by the natural pool, surrounded by the beauty of nature. An ideal family getaway where tranquility meets nature's embrace.

experice the call of the nature ...with motville...

Wake each morning to birdsong as dappled sunlight filters through the canopy, beckoning you to adventure. Wander the verdant trails and discover wildlife large and small. In the evening, relax on the porch with the symphony of the forest as your soundtrack. Let the sweet mountain air and the roaring fireplace soothe your spirit. In this enchanted haven, you'll find harmony with nature that rejuvenates your soul.
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Welcome to "the motville." Embrace the nature, where time seems to stand motionless. Step into the embrace of nature's haven

Nestled in the heart of Wayanad, Kerala, "the motville" awaits you. This exquisite 5-bedroom villa is cocooned amidst a lush coffee plantation. Greet your mornings with melodies of birdsong, immerse yourself in the symphony of natural sounds, wander through the verdant surroundings as your lungs embrace the freshest oxygen, unwind by a serene natural swimming pool, savor a delicious homemade breakfast, and bask in a holiday filled with cherished moments alongside your dear ones.
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mot ville locationthe motville
Eriyapally Kalanadikolly Road,
Kalluvayal, P O, Pulpally, Kerala, India
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A beautiful holiday villa nearby the forest Escape the chaos of urban life and find solace in this idyllic holiday home nestled in the serene embrace of Wayanad.

the motville is close enough to witness nature's theater unfold, birds chirping merrily as the sun peeks over the horizon. Monkeys swinging through the trees, calling to each other in their secret language. A family of deer grazing peacefully nearby, the fawns wobbling on their skinny legs, witness nature's theater unfold, yet safe within the walls of the home, you never know, what drama may unfold when the wilderness is your neighbor.
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  • mot ville testimonial

    Deelip kapil "Amazing place to stay...
    Fantastic home foods......"

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  • mot ville testimonial

    Deelip kapil ""Beautiful place, Luxury
    feel and forest ambience."

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  • mot ville testimonial

    Syed Usman"Amazing place to stay...
    Fantastic home foods......"

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  • mot ville testimonial

    Sangeetharani"Amazing place to stay...
    Fantastic home foods"

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  • mot ville testimonial

    Logaraj Jayabalan"It was awesome stay..
    nice staff… staffs and pr"

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  • mot ville testimonial

    Raj Kumar "It's like a home stay feel
    and the service they provide."

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